Chemical Quest

Chemical Quest is a challenging trivia game based on 102 chemical elements of the periodic table, from Hydrogen to Nobelium. Chemical Quest can be played in the class combining fun with learning. Chemical Quest can be played at scientific divulgation events: it is for curious individuals who want to know more about chemical elements and their importance in daily life.

Authors: Bortoli, Marco, Balasso, Antonella, Carta, Giovanni, Cestaro, Maristella, Colla, Viviana, De Togni, Alessandra, Gallani, Giulio, Giacometti, Cristina, Gianni, Laura, Giuffreda, Lucia, Granella, Manuela, Iarabek, Marina, Lion, Enrico, Mazzi, Giuseppe, Migale, Caterina, Milan, Stefano, Molesini, Paola, Moretto, Mara, Predonzan, Roberta, Priolisi, Ornella, Romualdi, Rosella, Rubini, Cristina, Scarfì, Sandra, Tobaldini, Elena, Dalla Tiezza, Marco, Nale, Enrico, Bellanda, Massimo, Kennedy, Gordon, Sella, Gianpietro, Lanza, Alessandro and Orian, Laura. “Chemical Quest: general knowledge and popular culture quizzes about the elements in a board game for the class” Chemistry Teacher International, 2023.

Game board hand painted by Miss Sara Tiso.

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